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Off-Campus Housing Program Temporarily Suspended

August 20, 2020--BYU–Hawaii is temporarily suspending its approval of University off-campus housing. This includes any type of property inspections or resolutions of disputes with off-campus landlords. Students are encouraged to remain at home as outlined in the August 4 announcement until invited back to campus. Students who still choose to lease off-campus properties do so independent of the University at their own risk.

We look forward to a time when things are back to normal and we can welcome students back to campus housing. The University has a plan in place that is aligned with the state’s plan for re-opening Hawaii. You can read more about that plan on the University's COVID-19 Updates and Information page specifically the August 4, 2020 announcement. The University has asked students to remain home until they are invited to return.

Due to the unique complications stemming from this pandemic and the University's current remote status, we have not conducted annual property inspections or renewed landlord agreements. While we don’t know how long the program will be suspended, we anticipate that we will have the ability to reinstate the program when students are invited back to campus.

We are currently not accepting any off-campus housing contracts from students who are making the choice to either remain in Hawaii or choose to travel to Hawaii when they have been asked not to.