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Off-Campus Housing Information

Remember - Freshmen and First-Year Students are not eligible to live off-campus.

BYU–Hawaii works with the community to provide accommodations for some of its single and married students. Residential Life collaborates with property owners and agents across the Kahuku, Laie and Hau’ula communities.

Off-Campus Information
Additional Information
Single Student Freshman and Transfer Housing Policy
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    Freshman and First-Year Students
    Single students who are admitted as a freshman or first-year students are required to live on campus for three semesters in freshman style housing.

    If you have completed credits before graduating from high school you are considered a first-year student and are required to live on campus for three semesters in freshman style housing.
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    Transfer and Returning Students
    If you are a single student admitted with credits completed after high school graduation at a different school, you are considered a transfer student. If you have attended BYUH before, left for two or more semesters, and had to re-apply to BYUH you are a returning student. Students on LOA or internship ARE NOT considered returning students.

    If you have completed:

    • Completed between 1-12 credits* after high school graduation you are required to live on campus for two semesters.
    • Completed between 12.1 and 24 credits** after high school graduation, you are required to live on campus for one semester.
    • Returning or transfer students with more than 24 credits completed after high school graduation are eligible for off-campus or on-campus upperclassmen housing. On-campus, upperclassmen housing is based on availability.
    *Credits must be completed and posted to your BYU–Hawaii account by the RSVP deadline for the semester attending.
    **Completed credits are credits that have been earned, credits that are in progress may not count if they are not completed by the RSVP deadline.
    ***This policy only pertains to single students without dependents under the age of 25
Additional Information
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    Family Exemptions
    Students who are children of community members or children of faculty and staff, and live with their immediate family may submit a Family Exemption. Family members include mother, father, maternal or paternal aunts or uncles, or maternal or paternal grandparents. Students are given a letter that they must fill out and return to us either through email or bringing it into the office. After submitting it to housing, the off-campus department will approve or deny your request.

    If you will be living with immediate family, you must turn in a signed letter from the owner of the home to receive a Family Exemption.
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    How to Submit Your Contract
    All students living off campus must report their off-campus address. You will need to provide your proof of address which would be a signed rental contract from your landlord or a letter from a relative. You may submit a picture, a scanned copy, or bring a copy to the Residential Life Office. You may also upload it to your Housing Portal account by following these steps:

    1. Sign on to the Housing Portal
    2. Select Secure Housing
    3. Select Off-Campus
    4. Select Submit Contract
    5. Complete Form
    6. Upload Contract (Don't forget to click 'Add' after you upload)
    7. Submit Form

    It takes 2 business days to verify and process the off-campus contract. Expedited processing is not available. Please plan accordingly.

    Please be sure to have this submitted as soon as possible, as two weeks after the first day of class, holds will be placed on the student’s account who have not yet submitted their off-campus address. Reporting your off-campus address immediately after signing a contract will help avoid these holds, as you would have your landlord’s details and documents ready to upload. It also helps us so we know that you are ok and have your housing for this semester.
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    Off-Campus Housing Handbook
    The purpose of the Off-campus handbook is to help University single students, contract landlords and managers to understand their responsibilities and commitments in helping BYU-Hawaii cultivate an environment, in off-campus housing facilities, where single students would be best able to realize their spiritual and academic potential.

    Off-Campus Handbook