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Hale 3, 4, 5, and 6

Hale 3, 4, 5, and 6 have the same structure and room layouts. Hale 3 and 5 are Men's Apartment buildings. Hale 4 and 6 are Women's Apartment buildings.

Hale 3 and 5 Men's Apartment-Style, Hale 4 Women's Apartment-Style

Room Type: Shared room.

Room Occupancy: Two people per room, six to eight people per apartment.

Shared Furnishings: Couch and dining set.

Bedroom Furnishings: Each space includes a twin XL-size bed, a wardrobe, a bulletin board, and a desk (not including temporary rooms).

Bathroom: Apartment bathroom shared with unit-mates.

Kitchen: Apartment kitchen shared with unit-mates.

Laundry: Centrally located card-operated laundry facilities.

Internet: Free internet access is provided in each room.

Ward Information: Find out which ward you belong to.

Room Layout

This is an example layout. Rooms may be set up in a different layout based on building codes and space. Furniture cannot be moved by residents.

Six-Person Unit

This is a graphic for a hale floor plan

Four-Person Unit

This is the floor plan to Hale 3 and 4.